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Well I was roped in by their huge stand at the Professional Beauty show and signed up to offer Megawhite. I am a mobile hairdresser so I thought it would be a perfect oppurunity for me and even the leaflet at the show said "legal teeth whitening".

Turns out that it is all just lies. Within a week of advertising on my Facebook page I got a warning letter from the General Dental Council saying that if I continue they will press charges as teeth whitening counts as dentistry.

Looked into it a bit further and it totally is. I got an email telling me about all the people including Megawhite franchisees and employees that have been charged with illegaly doing dentistry.

Like the other people said when you phone them its just a case of "no refunds" from Liz the bulldog.

If you are even thinking about doing Megawhite then just stop there and save yourself a lot of money and stress.

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Shazzy, you are entitled to a full refund even though Dentawhite is in administration, contact Scott Bastick at Condies, he is the liquidator. For less than £200 you can take Brian Christie to court (I did & got a full refund) it takes 6 months but is so worth it the law is on your side as it is against your consumer rights.

Don't let these crooks get away with your hard earned cash. I didn't and the look on Liz and Brian's faces when I was awarded my full refund plus costs was prices less. I thought Liz's head was going to spin around and steam was going to come out of her ears, she was blood red as the judge gave his judgment.

Use my case as reference. Caroline.

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